EPP 1: Nurturing Malaysia's creative content industry

Posted by Administrator  |  Jul, 27 2014  (Last updated: Jul, 27 2014 04:20:04 PM)

Category: Creative Content

This EPP aims to enhance capacity, capability and competency in Malaysia’s creative industry to produce world-class content and make the country a regional hub for digital content. 

This EPP will also focus on building the foundation for a thriving and lucrative creative content industry to optimise the mature development of the digital network, targeting an annual growth rate of 20% for content exports.
To achieve an annual growth rate of 13% in the domestic segment, efforts are focused on producing more local content, attracting foreign filmmakers to invest in Malaysia. The marketing of Malaysian-made content will also be re-strategised to increase sales of Malaysian-made content domestically and internationally. 

As part of this EPP’s initiatives, the Creative Content Association Malaysia (CCAM) was formed to tap new markets for exports of Malaysian content and help its members stay abreast on industry news and skills. 

CCAM also aims to encourage key players in the creative industry to work together and reduce the current market fragmentation. This is to address individual production companies and Government agencies such as National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia – FINAS) or the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) having to sell content on their own accord. 

The establishment of CCAM, which is supported by FINAS and MDeC, is also expected to create a more effective channel for international sales, especially given its cost-effective annual operating budget of RM1 million. 

Other ongoing initiatives under this EPP include focusing on the sale of premium products, such as high-quality batik, to increase revenue growth in this sector. Moreover, strategies will be undertaken to increase the domestic consumption of locally-made handicrafts as daily-use items available at local supermarkets. Plans to drive an export culture for this industry will also be explored. -

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