Who We Are


"EI  Content Knowledge House" is an established boutique consulting entity that pools together professionals from multiple industry verticals that have vital exposure in Global Multi National Corporations, Inter-Governmental Organizations and the start up scene. We have more than 50 years of collective industry track experience. Our team is made up of alumni of top Global Consulting Corporations and graduates of top tier Educational Establishments. 

The 'ei' in our name is reflective of the "Entrepreneurial Innovation" that we bring to the table of all our client engagements and projects. EI is part of our DNA and flows through the business philosophy, culture and our value system.It is also the 2nd letters of the first names of each of our two founders. Not the first letter but the second. Representing the very 'out of the box' thinking and approach we take for each and every account. 

Our differentiation and philosophy lies in our mission to  ENERGIZE, MONETIZE AND FUTURIZE the businesses of all our clients.

We are registered with MATRADE's Exporter Directory (Nombor pendaftaran keahlian : 542462).


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